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Who are the GearCats?

       The GearCats Robotics team aspires to inspire others to explore the world of engineering through participation in the GearCats, FIRST Robotics Competition Team 6500. Our commitment is to the students of Millbrook High School and its system of feeder schools.

       We are modeled on the team approach to solving problems confronted by professional engineers, designers, software developers, architects, marketers, and financiers every day. The team is mentored/coached by adults from industry and supported by Millbrook faculty.

       Each year we will not only compete against other FIRST teams across the state but also introduce robotics and engineering and spread STEM to students in elementary and middle schools. Our goal is the create a multi-cultural team that builds character, inspires creativity, and insists on gracious professionalism.

"Where else can high school students explore problem-solving in such a realistic way?

       Whereas we are committed to being a public school team, we embrace the ideas of diversity and inclusion. We know we won’t have unlimited resources and must be creative in our approach. We accept the challenge of inspiring the next generation of students and take pride in representing our school at competitions across the state and in the community.

Team Setup

Architecture Council

Operations Head

Project Directors


Pit Captain


Game Strategy


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