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Aspire to Inspire- Next Generation

Legislative Event

Last year, our team participated in a Legislative Event at the Museum of Natural History to support the passing of a bill giving robotics programs in schools the same privileges as sports and band programs, specifically:

  • Equal funding from schools for all FRC teams

  • Equal pay for teacher mentors who stay after school

  • Funding for FRC related field trips


Tech Corner

Our team created and utilizes a Tech Corner at Millbrook, which includes a CAD system, VR System, and 3D Printer available to us as well as Millbrook students for various usage. The CAD System greatly helped the virtual creation of the robot and was the first time our team was able to do something like that. We were able to use our VR System to view the virtual game field the FIRST graciously provided us with and created multiple strategic outlines from our game strategy team. Utilizing 3D printers has greatly aided in creating prototypes and robot parts.

Our team created and utilizes a Teach Corner at Millbrook, which consists of a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) System, a Virtual Reality (VR) System, and a 3D Printer for us and the rest of the school to use. The CAD system greatly helped the virtual creation of our robot, which was a 

Girl Scouts Troop 4500

We brought in the Girl Scout troop of the sister of one our members to demonstrate to them some of the principles of robotics and help them get their robotics-related badges.  We split them into groups and guided them through worksheets that taught them about the way computers think.  After that, the groups were each given a simple robotics kit and helped them with the instructions because many of them were too young to understand them independently.  At the end of the session, we demonstrated our robot from the previous season and gave them the chance to attempt to drive with a speed limiter installed for safety.

Brassfield Elementary

Spreading Our Message to Other Schools

As a team, we have been working to connect with Millbrook’s feeder schools to create a pipeline of STEM education through the FIRST program. We’ve visited schools such as Pleasant Union and Brassfield Elementary School’s FLL Teams, as well as Durant Middle Schools’ FLL Team. During these visits, we present what our team does as part of the FIRST program, and let the kids test out our current robot.

Durant Middle

Durant came to visit our build space and was able to see how our team operates on a day-to-day basis, as well as see out tech corner, where they were able to interact and use our VR system.

Pleasant Union Elementary School

Being a Force for Change

Our team has been working to be a force for change in our community by involving ourselves in bills to benefit our community. For our first donation project, we held a clothing drive, where we were able to collect over 200 pieces of clothing for the Vietnam Vets.

Despite the inability to meet in person this season, our team wanted to continue to provide outreach to our community. So, our team took on the challenge to collaborate, while still being apart. For our outreach this year, we had team members collect plastic bags, which were then crocheted into sleeping mats for homeless shelters to give to those in need, as well as crocheting hats and ear warmers out of yarn.

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