Aspire to Inspire- Next Generation

Legislative Event

Last year, our team participated in a Legislative Event at the Museum of Natural History to support the passing of a bill giving robotics programs in schools the same privileges as sports and band programs, specifically:

  • Equal funding from schools for all FRC teams

  • Equal pay for teacher mentors who stay after school

  • Funding for FRC related field trips

Tech Corner

Our team created and utilizes a Tech Corner at Millbrook, which included a CAD system (probably should mention the program), VR System, and 3D Printer available to us as well as Millbrook students for various usage. The CAD System greatly helped the virtual creation of the robot and was the first time our team was able to do something like that. We were able to use our VR System to view the virtual game field the FIRST graciously provided us with and created multiple strategic outlines from our game strategy team. Utilizing 3D printers has greatly aided in creating prototypes and robot parts.

Our team created and utilizes a Teach Corner at Millbrook, which consists of a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) System, a Virtual Reality (VR) System, and a 3D Printer for us and the rest of the school to use. The CAD system greatly helped the virtual creation of our robot, which was a 

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